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As a mom of two little ones, I know how daunting preconception, pregnancy and postpartum can be. But together we can embrace it, no matter where you are in your motherhood & fitness journey.

Pregnant woman lifting weights with coach

Take Control of Your Motherhood Journey

As women, we don’t talk much about what it’s like trying to conceive, how isolating pregnancy can be, or any of the weird stuff that happens to our bodies after we give birth. So it's no surprise there is confusing and conflicting information on how to prepare our bodies for each of these phases and the safest way to strengthen our postpartum bodies.

As a certified preconception, pregnancy & postpartum fitness trainer, and a mom of two little ones, I started Divine Mama Strength to give women a sense of control over their bodies as they transition through the motherhood journey. Together we will establish your goals and how to achieve them so you can step into your strength and power.


It's time to put YOU first.

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Maxine Eiland is a preconception, pregnancy and postpartum fitness and wellness coach

Tailored Sessions for Your Motherhood Journey

Staying active during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum is one of the most important, yet sometimes controversial topics for women. ​But with Divine Mama Strength, you can take the guesswork out of it.


I offer fitness options based on your personal journey, ensuring you stay safe and active.

Pregnant woman training with coach
1:1 Prenatal Coaching
  • Dedicated 1 hour sessions

  • Tailored programming to support your pregnancy or fertility journey

  • Private sessions (no one else in gym during your session)

  • Any fitness level

Postpartum Program
  • 6 or 8-week recovery program

  • Tailored for your postpartum goals

  • Recommended if you're looking to heal from the inside out

  • Any fitness level

Divine Mama Concierge
  • One off answers to your questions about fitness & your motherhood journey

  • Virtual appointments

  • 15min increments

  • No commitment required

  • Do not need to be a client

Group Mama Training
  • Grab a few of your friends and workout together at a discounted rate, kids welcome!

  • Minimum 5 session purchase plan

  • Rate is $30/person

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Nutrition Coaching
  • Calorie, macro or habit forming options

  • 30min per week of 1:1 nutrition consulting

  • Weekly check-ins

  • 10 recipes

  • Food chart for easy reference

  • Supplement support

*All sessions are conducted at CrossFit Strength Haven.

Learn more about our sessions
with your free consultation.

Maxine Eiland is Birthfit certified, CrossFit L1 Trainer, and Yoga L1 Instructor.

Qualified Coaching

I am a BIRTHFIT certified prenatal, pregnancy & postpartum fitness trainer in Austin, Tx. In addition, I have my Crossfit, Yoga L1 and nutrition coaching certifications. 

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