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1:1 Women's Coaching

As we age, women lose approximately 1/3 of their bone mass - typically around the time menopause begins - causing osteoporosis. With strength and conditioning training, you can mitigate that and maintain your bone density as you enter into your next phase of life.

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Because If You Fall You Want To Get Up

No matter how old you are, or if you've ever worked out a day in your life, it doesn't matter. We start wherever you are, focusing on foundational movements, with programming that evolves as you do. Prior to us working together, we will have a consultation to help address any questions or challenges you may have.

Try Before You Buy

Free 1:1 session to see what it's like to train with me. If you decide to move forward, this session will be considered your first session.


I offer different package sizes with discounted rates the more sessions you purchase! Packages vary from 4, 12, 24, and 48 sessions. 

Custom Options

Based on your needs, I can create flexible options for you. Whether it's a mix of in-person and virtual programming or virtual only.

Nutrition Coaching

Diets lead to short term results and burnout, but creating good habits will last a lifetime. Let me guide you on how to enjoy the foods you love while building habits that will become a part of your everyday life.

Habit Based

Learn new eating habits and create a positive relationship with food.

Macro Based

Fat, protein and carb based eating plan to meet a specific end goal.

Custom Plan

If habit or macro based plans don't work for your lifestyle, let's figure out what does.

Other Programming Available

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